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Centennial Trading Company

Centennial Wrist Watch

Centennial Wrist Watch

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Our watches are all assembled in Winston-Salem, NC using 100% Swiss made quartz ETA/ESA 805.112 movements, sapphire crystals and are each mounted to a hand cut/sewn Horween leather strap.

These are a far cry from your average drug store quartz. We have carefully designed each watch to suit many individual styles while also allowing the wearer to easily transition from one daily activity to another; knowing that not only will your watch withstand the wear and tear of daily life but you will look great doing so and most importantly you will always be on time!

-Scratch resistent sapphire crystal face

-Waterproof case up to 30 meters

- Straps are hand cut from the highest quality leather shoulders available, provided by one of Americas oldest and most respect tannerys, Horween Leather establish in Chicago, Illinois in 1905.

Built to wear hard & age well.

*All watch straps are a hand sewn with the hardware pictured, please shoot us an email if you have another request. 

 *All watch batteries are fresh and tested.


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