About Us


Our first retail store opened its doors in 2011; since then we have had several "homes," all of which we have loved and cherished in their own right. 

We currently, no longer offer traditional in-store retail hours, however we do hope to see you all at an event soon, be sure to subscribe to our email list for updates on in person shopping opportunities. 


In the past men and women have purchased clothing and goods that were well crafted and, in a sense, an "investment": with longevity, durability and substance in mind… 

We, as a clothing brand believe in a product that is built to last. A product that will develop character over time and with wear, will show new beauty - each crease a story, each stain a journey. We hope our items are not something that will be a fleeting seasonal purchase, but rather an investment wearable for years to come. Our heartfelt tagline says it best – Built to WEAR HARD & AGE WELL.


In 2012, we started manufacturing our in-house brand, using existing factories here in our home state of North Carolina. As we have grown, so has our relationships with these wonderful people who have dedicated there lives to this industry. Since that time we have been making shirts, pants, coats, jackets, watches, aprons, hats, t-shirts, etc.; not only for ourselves, but dozens of other brands nationwide.

From small niche boutiques to sizable department store brands, we offer a wide range of manufacturing options. We can assist in sampling, pattern design, size grading and fabric sourcing. Our prices and minimums are second to none. We know exactly how hard it CAN be but we strive to make it an easy, fun and rewarding experience for everyone.