American Made Market, Charleston STYLE



We are just over a month away from our next American Made Market!

These markets are far from just "sales" events for us-

We have done the stuffy, pretentious and unapproachable "shopping expos," where most of the people in attendance are subjected to a myriad of unrelated or even loosely paralleled products, of which they have no interest in. It seems like USA made vendors always have to explain the "but whys??" of the industry...

We absolutely love telling people about why we do what we do, but it's also nice to have a curated market where you can focus solely on your products design and construction in detail since EVERYTHING here will be USA made. This is a party for all involved and has been an absolute pleasure to produce. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to connect with this unique market of people who understand the sentiment and importance behind what we do and also being able to work with some of the great makers and brands who keep it all going.

See you in Charleston!


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