Centennial Watches?? Yeah!

One day we had an idea..  We thought "Hey, it would be cool to make a watch!" ..  A nice watch that was arguably composed of all of the "must haves" for any causal but high quality timepiece. First off, a swiss movement- secondly the watch would need to be durable enough to perform all of the functions we know a lot of our customers partake in... That mainly being LIFE in general. Lets be honest, it can be tough and things happen/break.. In order for that to be avoided we decided our watches must have a sapphire scratch resistant crystal. Beyond that, we also acknowledged if we were to make a watch we would have to go above and beyond for its strap, what good is a nice watch on an ugly band.  The most logical decision was to approach Horween Leather, a 110 year old tannery based in Chicago, Illinois. Horween is known world-wide for their proprietary processes and superior quality products. Producing everything from football leather for the NFL to water-resistant footwear for the U.S. Marine Corps. They know their stuff! We gave it a lot of thought and came up with three styles that we felt would not only adequately represent our customers but most importantly be something that they would be happy with for years to come. 

Our watches will be released at our fall party on October 3rd! We are very excited that once again, we were able to have the opportunity of making one of our ideas become a reality. That is what it is all about!


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