Back on it!

Shhheww, It has already been a very busy summer!

We have traveled to California and spent countless hours on motorcycles, being with friends and toying around beautiful desert landscapes. It was a wonderful trip but It wasn't ALL play. We were able to stop in and visit with a few of our retailers. I must say I am happy to work with everyone that we do, all are great people doing great things! Born Free 6 was amazing as always and we appreciate everyone who stopped by each day and chatted with us, we look forward to seeing you all next year!

We arrived home a few weeks ago to a slammed packed schedule of playing catch up and attending more events, no complaints because we love this stuff! BUT it is now time to buckle down and finish a few projects we have been working on for months. We have a new shirt coming out! It is a full placated chambray and will be available in two different indigos. A timeless, clean staple and a wonderful addition to any mans wardrobe. Be on the look out for this one, It should be rolling in some time in mid-late August 2014.

We will also be introducing a few changes to some of our current production items, so stay tuned!
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